EME Systems designs and manufactures instruments for environmental science. We offer both off-the-shelf products and the expertise to customize systems for the specific needs of our clients.

Our customers are biologists, agronomists, geologists, architects and others in the broad field of environmental science, in the public, private, and educational sectors. We take special interest in integrating pest management on the farm, efficient use of natural resources, understanding of endangered species and ecosystems, and light levels and environmental conditions in buildings.

On our products page, you will find links to our OWL2pe and OWL3pro weather loggers, meteorological stations and customized environmental monitoring systems, specialized amplifiers and signal conditioners, sensors, enclosures, batteries, and solar panels. We also carry products from LI-COR, Davis Instruments, IRROMETER, the Onset HOBO®, and Parallax BASIC Stamp® and Propeller® microcontrollers.

To access the old site with information on the Basic STAMP please see this page.


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